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At Geraldine Dohogne we source every item right here from the studio. From local antiques, to working with craftspeople on roof  construction, we are very much a hands on studio - quite literally! We find the best producers  and artisans, and commission unique objects that create an authentic and grounded experience for guests as they enter a world of imagination,  craft and beauty. 

behind the scenes


Our canvas really is the world. Spanning projects from Vietnam to Namibia, to Belgium and Nepal, Geraldine Dohogne is a global interior design studio. We travel extensively, both to be on-site partners with our client and collaborators but also as a means of gathering inspiration from vastly different cultures and architecture. A connected, diverse and rooted approach to design means that we fully enfold ourselves in local culture, and we are proud to work on beautiful projects the world over that allow us to bring our love of travel to the fore. 


Our philosophy is a heart-centred one: we are led by passion and curiosity, to create unique, timeless concepts that will stand the test  of time. We have carefully crafted proprietary approaches that allow us to connect deeply with our clients, to fully undertsand the vision of the project. Working with Geraldine Dohogne is an exercise in true collaboration.  

design philosophy

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