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in progress


Ardennes, Belgium | Upcoming 2022

A new vision on hospitality in Belgian Ardennes.

in progress

usine élévatoire

Lille, France | Upcoming 2023

A new life is breathed into the Usine Élévatoire- transforming this former historical pumping station into a place of culture, life and excitement.

The history of the building will be respected throughout the project and its original heritage will be integrated into all aspects of the design.

in progress

hôtel des postes

Luxembourg, Luxembourg | Upcoming 2023

A national monument and one of Luxembourgs most prised possessions, Hotel Des Postes is a true synonym of its architecture and cultural heritage.


Located in the heart of the city, the historical post office from 1910 will be transformed into a hotel, restaurant and co-working space. Unveiling what has been behind closed doors for over a century... Hotel Des Postes will welcome locals and tourists for truly unforgettable experience.

in progress


Florence, Italy | Upcoming 2024

Emblematic and classified 'palace of the city' of Florencia - built in the 14th century around three large courtyards. Sant' Orsola grounds 14,000 sq meters that has been hidden to the public for many years.

What once was one of Florence's most important monastery's, will be transformed into a new heart of the city - a local treasure for people who dream of culture, art, craftsmanship and community.

in progress

bãi san hô

Phu Yen, Vietnam | Completed 2020

For the latest Zannier Hotels project, the aim was to offer cultural enrichment and natural wonder through the build and location of the hotel. To allow the guests to get immersed in Vietnam’s architecture, history and landscapes. 

Located in the nature of Vietnam, this concept exhales luxury and sobriety at the same time. The interior design blends in the local culture with every single detail without forgetting the ultimate comfort. Renewable materials and traditional local architectural methods were used to ensure a strong sense of place.


Hardap Region, Namibia | Completed 2019

The goal off the project was to build ten lavish tents, constructed on top of boulders, to invite guests to live the life of wealthy explorers from the early 20th century. 


Each detail at Sonop was carefully selected, the opulence and finesse of the décor dramatically contrasting with the spectacular surrounding landscape. Adventure is omnipresent, from arrival you enter a time warp to another era on an unforgettable journey. 


Windhoek, Namibia | Completed 2018

Set within the Zannier reserve, the lodge is composed of ten luxury huts inspired by traditional Owambo architecture. The desired effect here was to create an escape that blended effortlessly with the simplicity and vastness of the surrounding landscape, echoing the Namibian roots.

Working with nature to inspire tranquility and create unforgettable moments to give the guests the feeling that they are one with their surroundings. These are some of the enduring feelings elicited by a stay in Omaanda.

1898 the post

Ghent, Belgium | Completed 2017

Located in the former Post Office building, each of the thirty-eight rooms exude warmth, geniality and personality but each is unique and has its own story to tell. 

A new way of living: pure, authentic, returning to essential values.

the cobbler

Ghent, Belgium | Completed 2017

Named after the cocktail shaker and located inside the famous 1898 the post hotel in Ghent, is The Cobbler. A bar where the bartenders will take you on a cocktail journey, a journey that will have you travelling through space and time, while enjoying gorgeous cocktails, you never had before.

phum baitang

Krong Siem Reap, Cambodia | Completed 2015

This project under Zannier hotels, saw the development of 45 villas built in an authentic Cambodian style.

A graceful combination of complete luxury, purity, and a respect for the past, as well as of the people and local environment. A visceral experience that embodies all the senses, and transports you back to a true Cambodian village atmosphere.

le chalet

Megève, France | Completed 2010

5 star boutique hotel with a traditional alpine architecture, complimented with an interior design based on a minimalistic philosophy.

A perfect balance between rustic, authentic and luxurious. An interior that enhances quality time with loved ones. Le Chalet respects tradition while bringing a warm and cosy atmosphere to life. Here, Zannier Hotels explore the imperfection of antiques.